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Lotus of Saraswati presents "Zikr" a new graphic novel series, story of love, obsession, redemption. Zikr explores the details of human emotions and tells the story of how love in the heart paves way for divine transformation.


Gaurav Mathur, a young man, writer by heart, meets a mysterious woman Benazir and smitten by love wants to get her. Benazir, a woman who has seen bitter past and tough situations is hard on emotions. She puts up a strange condition for Gaurav to fulfill if he wants her. Gaurav, on the other hand, believes that it is the love for Benazir which will lead to his own transformation and redemption from a guilt he has for his past actions. Will he succeed in winning the heart of Benazir.

This drama, thriller is a multi-volume story. Each volume has a song or verses written by the most amazing and versatile poets ranging from Amir Khusro, Ghalib, Kaifi Azmi to Gulzar Sa'ab.

Zikr vol1: The Neelam is available in both hard and soft copy.

The printed version is available to buy from here:


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