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"Lotus of Saraswati" is the house where knowledge, art and aura of intelligence resides. Goddess Saraswati is believed to be the mother of all form of art and knowledge. We all try to grow in the radiance of her magnificence.

The mother grace us all with her blessings. We, at 'Lotus of Saraswati' believe that the blessing needs to be accepted and appreciated. Whatever little knowledge and influence of the art world we have  within us, does actually describes us. These small gestures of mother Goddess are like the strokes of the brush she holds in one of her many hands. We call them 'petals of art'.    

We try to emit the radiance of these petals to others via variety of artistic initiatives. We bring you different stories adorned with knowledge art of story telling in varied ways. We publish books, graphic novels. We also do freelance illustration and art work for individuals and corporate.

Lotus of Saraswati is an independent publishing house initiative by Mrinal Rai, artist and story teller. We also work on customized projects, illustration work on a project basis.

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For any requirement of freelance artist work for comic books, illustration requirement, please contact info@lotusofsaraswati.com


Below is the list of different books and graphic novel titles presented by Lotus of Saraswati.


Lotus of Saraswati presents "Zikr" a new graphic novel series, story of love, obsession, redemption. Zikr explores the details of human emotions and tells the story of how love in the heart paves way for divine transformation.


Gaurav Mathur, a young man, writer by heart, meets a mysterious woman Benazir and smitten by love wants to get her. Benazir, a woman who has seen bitter past and tough situations is hard on emotions. She puts up a strange condition for Gaurav to fulfill if he wants her. Gaurav, on the other hand, believes that it is the love for Benazir which will lead to his own transformation and redemption from a guilt he has for his past actions. Will he succeed in winning the heart of Benazir.

This drama, thriller is a multi-volume story. Each volume has a song or verses written by the most amazing and versatile poets ranging from Amir Khusro, Ghalib, Kaifi Azmi to Gulzar Sa'ab.

Zikr vol1: The Neelam is available in both hard and soft copy.

The printed version is available to buy from here:


The e-book version is available here:





"Zikr" in Sufism means Rememberance. This is a tale of love, passion, transformation and redemption. Gaurav Mathur, a MNC employee meets a woman Benazir and falls in love. Benazir has a dark past which has left her cold hearted. Gaurav, on the other hand, faces his own demons from his past. He feels that the only way to redemption is through love . Love for Benazir. But there is only one way to get Benazir…… - 

This is a seven volume graphic novel series.The first volume, "The Neelam", is available on Pothi in both hard copy and soft copy format here:

Printed version-http://www.doordeals.in/lotus-of-saraswati/zikr-mrinal-rai

E-book version-http://www.readwhere.com/publication/7159/Zikr



कुरुक्षेत्र युद्ध

Kurukshetra Yuddha (Hindi) is a novel written and illustrated by Mrinal Rai. Based on the famous war of Hindu epic "Mahabharata", it is a story of bravery and courage of the greatest warriors ever walked over this earth many years ago. 

Here is a preview video expressing the theme of the book and art work within.

  The Book is available here on: FlipkartPothi

Tamas - The darkness within

Tamas the Darkness within- Graphic novel by Mrinal Rai

"Tamas" is a psychological thriller graphic story woven around the life of Munna, an unassuming and fearless contract killer, who is convinced that evil lies within the spheres of darkness. Hired by a psychiatrist, Munna enters a mental asylum in order to finish a ‘task’ after meticulous planning. But, in a weird twist of fate, something goes terribly wrong that night. Apart from dealing with bizarre situations, he is also faced with the dilemma of not differentiating between the doctors and patients. Has his reality been fabricated by someone else or has his mind conjured up events and identities that do no exist? Only time will tell. 

Have a look at the intro video of the book here:


The book is available here: http://www.doordeals.in/lotus-of-saraswati/tamas-mrinal-rai


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